In the Memory of Mr. Gupta and seven other members who dissolved the council in 1957 till the Second Guardian is appointed. The Council, by virtue of its actions, repudiated the plot of Persian Hands of Cause who wanted to abandon the Guardianship, emphasized in the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha. This council was restored in 2002 under the Guardianship of the Third Guardian Joel B. Marangella.

What conspired on those two dark nights at BAHJI ? 

Answer : The destiny of Unity of mankind was averted by secret collusion between Persian Hands of Cause to usurp the Baha’i Administration from Americans into Persian Hands. 
"Without the Institution of Guardianship there can be no administration, the two are one and co-existent. The two Divine verities-the covenant that the Guardianship with the Administration form the message that the Baha’is had for the world in the days of Shoghi Effendi."

"In other words the message of The Covenant as taught in the days of Baha’ullah and Abdul Baha isolated from the administration is now no longer the Baha’i message for the world."

"The progress of the True Baha’i Faith came to a stand still since 1959, the dangers of which are so increasing daily that this is indeed a time of peril such that never the True Faith before faced in its entire history."


Shoghi Effendi the first guardian of Baha’i Faith faced the danger of physical extermination by fire and sword and he could see and meet the enemy face to face.

Whereas after the year 1959 AD, a spiritual disease, state of plague of violation of the Will and Testament crept into the hearts of the Persian Hands of Cause and into conclaves of the Faith which changed the destiny of the True Faith of Uniting the mankind and all the religions of the world and converted the World Order of Baha’u’llah to the World order of Persian Nationalism of Kingship based on collusion, corruption, domination and degradation of the fellow believers. The first victim of collusion between Persian Hands of cause was nobody else than the spiritual son of Abdul Baha, the President of the International Baha’i Council and the Second designate Guardian of the Baha’i Faith Mr. Mason Remey.

Mason Remey an American Hand of cause fought so valiantly against the conspiracy that the Persian Hands had to use American wife of beloved Shoghi Effendi against his growing influence. An art in which Persian nature is unbeatable. The sacrilege act was done to usurp the Baha’i Administration into Persian hands, although it is a well documented fact that Abdu’l Baha said America will be the Centre of Baha’i Administration.

What happened in those conclaves and especially the nights where Persian Hands of Cause met secretly, is documented by Mason Remey and preserved by the Mother Baha’i Council of United States for the believers to know.



"When, at the first conclave of the Hands of the Faith assembled at BAHJI came to learn that no Will or Testament of Shoghi Effendi could be found amongst his papers, prayers were chanted and read and the conclave closed to be convened on the following morning.

For the most part, if not all the American Hands returned to Haifa for the night while for the most part, if not all, the ten Hands who were Persian were quartered for the night at BAHJI. When the Conclave went into session the following morning one of the Persian Hands arose making the statement that since Shoghi Effendi left no son to inherit the Guardianship and since no Will or. Testament of his could be found among his papers, that the Guardianship of the Faith must be considered to be ended with the Beloved Guardian of the Faith Shoghi Effendi, thereupon all of the other Persian Hands quickly arose in support of the this move, with the result that this move had immediate support of the majority of the Hands.

"Circumstantial evidences of the situation shows beyond a doubt that the Persian friends had consulted amongst themselves between these two meetings - the first on the opening day and second on the following day and that they had come to an agreement between themselves that the Guardianship be abandoned. Thus in the confusion and heat of the moment the Guardianship was definitely abandoned by the majority of the conclave, thus was violated the Will and Testament of the Master ‘Abdu’l Baha’.

"Since that first conclave all of the proceedings of the Hands of the Faith in conclave and the objects and support by the Custodian Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land have been based upon the assumption that the Guardianship is now closed for ever, although this has not been said definitely to the Baha’i world."

"Thus at this present time, 1959-1960, stands this matter of the violation of the will and Testament of the Master ‘Abdu’l-Baha upon which as the foundation, the Beloved Guardian during the thirty-six years of his Ministry built the present Baha'i Administration that now is suffering from this violation:"


"As I remember in this first conclave when the motion was made to end the Guardianship it was immediately supported by all the Persian Hands. There was practically little or no discussion. They all stood together and each recited the same formula of why the Guardianship should be. The Guardian left no son to inherit the Guardianship and there was not found any Will or Testament from him; therefore the Institution was ended. It was the Will of God that there never be another Guardian- BADA."

"That this was all a pre-planned move upon the part of these Persian Hands was most obvious. This circumstantial evidence could not be doubted. In court testimony it is a well recognized fact that when a body of witnesses all give exactly the same testimony word by word, that such is proof of collusion."

Dear Baha'i friend

So it is clear that conspiracy took place between the Persian hands of cause to terminate the matter of Guardianship with an Islamic concept of Bada although all of the Islamic concept were abrogated with the advent of Bab and Baha’u’llah.

As one of the principles of Baha’i Faith is the Independent investigation of the Truth it becomes incumbent upon every believer to investigate the matter of Guardianship and join the Orthodox Baha’i Faith and immediately establish Orthodox Baha’i Councils in their cities and help the Third Guardian, Beloved Joel Marangella in establishing the World Order of Baha’u’llah.

For more detail contact: Mother Baha’i Council of United States, P .O. Box 1169, Rosewell NM 88202-1169, United States.